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Zupp & Zupp Law Firm, P.C.

is a regional general practice firm with experience in many areas of the law including Workers’ Compensation, Personal Injury, Criminal Law and Family Law.

¡Tenemos Un Intérprete!

In order to assist all of their clients to the fullest, the twins believe it is important to clearly communicate with every client. They understand that legal terminology can be overwhelming and work to make sure that their clients understand everything involving their case. They even keep a bilingual spanish interpreter on staff so language is never a barrier.


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Denison, IA 51442

Practice Areas

Criminal Law

Charged with a crime? We believe you deserve an aggressive, thoughtful defense...

Family Law

Devoted to providing compassionate, sound advice during a stressful, emotionally turbulent time...

Personal Injury

Dedicated to helping victims recover damages for lost income, medical expenses, and disability benefits...

Workers’ Comp

Expert guidance in the complexity of workers’ compensation law...

Jennifer and Jessica's business has to be the best it gets as a law firm. They are the perfect team! You know that feeling when you have a case and even dread your own lawyers contact - or they don't contact you at all? Not an issue here. They are so informative, knowledgeable and responsible! They treat me like a real person and in turn, I am able to connect with them and voice my opinions. Not just hear what they think, and then talk it over with someone else because I had something that might be helpful but was too hesitant to interrupt their time. Having a relationship with your lawyer that is open, positive and connected is key! In my personal experience, with any other lawyer, it seemed like their time is far more important than mine. A lot of people, including myself, can become intimidated by that and just shut up and take it. The problem with that is you may miss crucial conversation that can make or break any case. My biggest point being that Jessica and Jennifer actually care about their clients and you are in the know as soon as they are! No shading here. I couldn't have been more lucky to meet these two after what I had already went through leading to my ongoing case. It makes me feel very blessed. Who can say that about their lawyers? Court stuff takes forever and this firm is on it, and keeps you on top of everything. I don't have anything but good things to say. I do and would recommend them to anyone!


The Twins

Jennifer & Jessica Zupp

Jennifer and Jessica Zupp share the same educational background, a successful law firm, and the same genetic makeup. Known by family, friends, and clients as "the twins," sisters Jennifer and Jessica have committed their lives to law and justice, the very ideals that American society is based on. They love that they get the chance to make those very ideals a reality - every day.

The duo you want in your corner

Jennifer and Jessica's path to higher education started at Buena Vista University where they obtained a Bachelors degree. They both doubled majored in Criminal Justice and Political Science. At the University of South Dakota, they earned their Juris Doctor in 2006. Their commitment to continued learning makes certain that clients receive the absolute best legal representation possible.

Practicing law since 2006, the twins have proven successful in a variety of legal areas. Zupp & Zupp Law Firm, P.C. primarily handles cases involving workers' compensation, personal injury, family law, and criminal defense; however, Jennifer and Jessica have an extensive range of legal expertise. If you need legal assistance, do not hesitate to call and schedule a free initial consultation.

It's in their genes

These twins have a well-deserved reputation for their integrity, straightforward personalities, and very successful legal techniques. They're a duo you want in your corner to protect your interests and fight for your rights.